World Cup 2020 location announcement delayed

The IQA won’t be releasing the location of World Cup 2020 in time to meet the deadline of March 31. The Board of Trustees is awaiting information from the remaining potential locations that affects the potential safety and suitability of each venue; without this information the Association is not comfortable making a final decision at this time. Not finalizing the evaluations and requesting this information earlier is a failing on the IQA’s part, and the Association apologizes to both the bid partners and the NGBs and players who are awaiting the announcement of the host of World Cup 2020.

Especially with what is still more than 14 months until World Cup, the top priority is to thoroughly vet each location and ensure the decision will benefit quidditch as a whole. To that end, site visits have been conducted, a cost-benefit analysis of each site from the perspective of both players and the IQA has been completed, and feedback from the NGBs has been considered. The Board of Trustees believes to be in a position to make the right decision once all of the information is available. Pending this further information, all options remain on the table and a big thanks goes out to NGBs for the valuable feedback they have provided during this process.

The IQA will give updates on the status of the process, keeping the World Cup 2020 location decision and announcement as the top priority.

April 02, 2019- posted by Jamie Turbet