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World Cup 2020 location to be decided by IQA Assembly of Members

The IQA Board of Trustees has decided that the host of World Cup 2020 will be determined by a vote of the IQA Assembly of Members (formerly known as the Congress).   Each of the two finalists, Richmond, Virginia, United States and Getxo, Spain have unique strengths and weaknesses which makes the ultimate decision an […]


World Cup 2020 location announcement delayed

The IQA won’t be releasing the location of World Cup 2020 in time to meet the deadline of March 31. The Board of Trustees is awaiting information from the remaining potential locations that affects the potential safety and suitability of each venue; without this information the Association is not comfortable making a final decision at […]


The former Board welcomes the newly elected Trustees

The former Board welcomes the newly elected Trustees With the recent election of the new Board of the IQA, we wanted to help you in getting to know the new trustees and better understanding their vision of the future of our quidditch association. For this reason, starting next week we will be publishing weekly interviews […]


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