We have collected guides from members of the quidditch community who have experienced success in establishing and promoting their team.

Helpful Tips for NGBs and Teams

Public Relations and Community Guide, Juliane Schillinger, Nic Hirst

Social media advice
Press and media

Quidditch Recruitment Guide, Ajantha Abey

Reasons for growing your team
Very detailed recruiting guide
Social media advice

How to Start Your Own Quidditch Club, Quidditch Ireland

General advice
Some equipment information

NGB Workshop, Stevo Scheurer

Getting started as an NGB
Tournament advice
Social media

How to Market Quidditch – Competition and Teams, Tom Ffiske

Setting up and promoting your team
Advanced promotion
How to promote an event (edited)

Drill Guides

Drill Manual, Quidditch UK

General practice advice
Fundamental techniques for the different positions
Very detailed
From 2017 ― the new Rulebook needs to be considered for some of the drills

Team Resources, USQ

Position-specific workouts
Useful if you want to add something more to the team practice

Coaching Codex, Level Up

Coaching advice
Structuring practice
Descriptions of position-specific skills