World Cup Location Announcement Delayed

Based upon feedback from national governing bodies (NGBs), the International Quidditch Association (IQA) is delaying the announcement of the IQA World Cup 2020 location from Feb. 1, 2019, the originally scheduled date, until March 31, 2019.

Earlier in January, the Board of Trustees elections were scheduled for Feb. 16. Once that date was set, the IQA board thought that it would make sense to delay the elections to: 1) allow the new trustees the ability to make the decision that will guide the IQA for the next several months and years; and 2) allow NGBs to elect a new board for this decision rather than leaving it in the hands of a lame-duck board. The IQA brought this idea to NGBs in the Slack channel and they were decidedly supportive.

The decision has been delayed until March 31 to allow the new board to become familiar with the organization before undertaking a momentous decision. The reason for the lengthy delay is to allow for the onboarding and scheduling of meetings with the new board. Specifically, the IQA thinks it will be necessary to have multiple meetings with the new board to allow them to be brought up to speed with the new organization and to make educated decisions.

“We feel that it’s in the best interest of all of our stakeholders, including NGBs and quidditch players, to allow a new board to be voted in and have the proper time to familiarize themselves with the organization before making a decision that will impact the direction of the IQA for the next two years,” said Interim Executive Director Andy Marmer.

“With the recent incorporation of the IQA and with the upcoming member assembly next month, we want to support the incoming Board of Trustees right from the beginning. Allowing them to make the final call on the World Cup will be a first step in empowering them and setting them up for success in the future,” said Quidditch Canada board member Marysia Wojcik.

“Quidditch Australia believes that delaying the decision so that it can be made by the new board makes the most sense and a delay to March shouldn’t substantially affect our own World Cup planning, as a team that has to make such travel plans significantly in advance.”

As a reminder, trustee applications are now open. More can be found here.

February 03, 2019- posted by Alexis