World Cup 2020 location to be decided by IQA Assembly of Members

The IQA Board of Trustees has decided that the host of World Cup 2020 will be determined by a vote of the IQA Assembly of Members (formerly known as the Congress).  

Each of the two finalists, Richmond, Virginia, United States and Getxo, Spain have unique strengths and weaknesses which makes the ultimate decision an incredibly difficult one. Unfortunately, despite being previously announced as a finalist, Calgary, Alberta, Canada has decided to withdraw its bid as the bidding organization did not feel it could devote substantial enough resources to ensuring the tournament’s success.  The IQA very much appreciates the work Quidditch Canada put in to an initial bid and hopes that they will consider bidding again in the future.

The Board initially expected to choose Richmond as the only viable site, since Getxo could not initially guarantee the minimum number of quality pitches for an event on the scale World Cup. Further along in the process, Getxo was able to guarantee the availability of more pitches and address many other concerns.

Concerns around Richmond mainly involved costs to players, as well as heat. The area’s high temperatures throughout June and July along with the substantial heat issues inherent with standard infill turf made the on-pitch temperature a potential player safety concern. Richmond has been proactive in addressing all of the IQA’s concerns, and has made available a facility with turf designed to reduce emitted heat, as well as other temperature-management features.

Both bidding locations have been exceptionally prompt and accommodating, and the IQA thanks them for working to address all outstanding concerns. The Board is now satisfied that a successful World Cup can be held at both sites.

With that being said, each bid has very different strengths and weaknesses, especially regarding accessibility and facilities. The Board is recommending Richmond to its members as it feels that a better tournament can be hosted there. However, many members have expressed concern about cost and accessibility issues inherent in a World Cup in Richmond. The Board views the decision on where to host as a decision between an event with exceptional facilities and support, and an event that will be accessible to more teams. This is a very fundamental decision and the Board has decided to bring it directly to the members of the IQA.

To assist NGBs in making a fully informed decision, the Board will prepare a 1-page summary outlining the differences between the bids, as well as more detailed information packages. The information package will be sent to NGBs by April 16th. On April 23rd voting by email will begin and continue until end of the day April 30th. The site location for World Cup 2020 will be announced on May 3rd.

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April 08, 2019- posted by Aldo Mastellone