With the Reveal of the New Branding, the IQA is Preparing for Big Changes

On Feb. 15, 2019, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) unveiled its new corporate identity, including a new logo and a new brand. This initiative is the result of serious changes that affected the organization in the past few years.

Indeed, since 2017, the IQA had drastically improved the way it releases information to the quidditch community. Even if there is still a lot to do to improve things, here is a non-exhaustive list of past communications projects:

  • Annual report, bid packages, and other documents translated into several languages
  • Launch of the IQA World Cup 2018 website in six languages
  • Creation of Inside the IQA: weekly updates available in several languages to let people know about the main actions of the International Quidditch Association
  • Creation of a new corporate identity to better introduce the International Quidditch Association to non-quidditch people
  • Coordination and support of national governing bodies (through press releases and articles) to better showcase the sport worldwide
  • Financial statement and the release of board meeting minutes

All these actions are due to the hard work from the whole IQA communications department, led by two people: Communications Director Armand Cosseron and Deputy Lindsay Garten. After several months and years dedicated to the International Quidditch Association, both of them are stepping down. Garten is moving on from quidditch completely after six years of volunteering with quidditch organizations.

Since he joined the International Quidditch Association in May 2017 as the Communications Director, Armand Cosseron has been dedicated to promoting quidditch internationally and rebuilding trust between the IQA and the quidditch community. In September 2018, Lindsay Garten was promoted to the deputy communications director position, after she joined as the editorial manager one month before. Prior to joining the IQA she founded and served as the editor in chief and CEO of the Quidditch Post, where she volunteered for approximately three years. Before her time at the Quidditch Post, she was a writer and assistant editorial manager for US Quidditch.

Both Cosseron and Garten are very thankful for their time at the IQA.

“It has been wonderful working together as communications directors for the past seven months”. Garten said: “It has also been an amazing experience working with the communications department as a whole, and I hope that the department will continue to flourish.”

These past few years, the communications department increased the IQA social media presence, more than doubling the interactions with quidditch people. Above all, it provided more and more resources available in several languages, to include non-English-speaking people in the international community. The department’s most recent project is the creation of a consistent brand for the IQA.

However, most of the communications department changes are unforeseeable.

“I’m incredibly proud of Armand and Lindsay for the work they did and the amount I’ve seen them personally grow with the IQA,” Interim Executive Director Andy Marmer said. “It won’t be the same without them. They are incredibly skillful and the epitome of professional and we are lucky to have had them. Since they have been on staff, the number of volunteers doubled in the department – there are 27- and they have created: a style guide, a corporate design charter, and social media guidelines to ensure consistent communications for the organization. These tools were much needed and I am appreciative of the communications department for their dedication in creating them.”

Under Cosseron’s management, the communications department worked hard to be sure that the IQA’s words met the IQA’s actions, in order to improve trust and transparency. The IQA released more content, like articles, social media posts, and several documents to provide guidance to national governing bodies and the overall community.

“I feel very grateful to the people who volunteered with me through this past years. I would like to thank executive directors Rebecca Alley and Andy Marmer as well as trustees I served, including chair Luke Nickholds,” Cosseron said. “They immediately trusted me and this is something very valuable. Feeling trusted helps to achieve great projects! And I am very admirative of all the people who volunteered, and are still volunteering, for the communications department. Communications volunteers are the bravest people I know, able to face up huge challenges, to interrogate their own work, and to accomplish great things! Thanks to their daily involvement, we managed to make the communications department, and the whole IQA, a better organization.”

We will #soon announce the new IQA communications director. If you want to join the team, feel free to apply to [email protected] (cc [email protected]).

February 16, 2019- posted by Andy Marmer