Who is the designer behind the International Quidditch Association rebranding?

Filip Holeček works as a graphic designer for a leading international furniture company in Lucerne, Switzerland. Involved in quidditch since 2017, he is an executive committee member of the local team Pilatus Patronus. Already familiar with quidditch graphic design, Filip is well known for the creation of the Swiss Quidditch Association logo in 2017. You can reach out to Filip at design@filipwithf.ch.

Why did you apply to work on the IQA rebranding initiative? 
It’s simple: because I love to create corporate designs and I liked the idea being involved in the process of redefining the visual appearance of the global association of the quidditch sport! I never thought I could shape a worldwide sport with a design – it’s an honour.

How did you come up with this whole new brand?  
In the end it was a long process of pushing on with the logo proposals as the key element of the rebranding and going back and forth again. It took me four months from the first sketch till now! The IQA organized a committee of a few responsible and supporting persons so we were in touch all the time during the design process. The idea behind the final concept was to have a simple as possible but still visually working logo for the IQA and it’s community. The logo should look fresh but everlasting), it has to be recognizable  from people they know quidditch just because of the books or movies and should create a professional representative impression in the sportive scenario worldwide.

What did you enjoy the most in this rebranding work? 
A: The understanding approach offered by the main contact person during the entire work. I did this rebranding parallel to my 100%-employment and if I hadn’t the time to finish a step in the set time, it was always respected. Although it wasn’t always easy to meet the requested changes or deliveries, there was a very welcoming way of communication.

What is this specific thing related to the IQA you do not have in your other design experiences? 
Usually a client does not ask every person’s opinion on their not yet released logo. The IQA was really willing to fulfil the expectations of the quidditch community. I hope the people will appreciate this effort. And I never had a business meeting in New York City before, where I met the rebranding team!

What are your next design challenges? 
My next design challenge will definitely be to make sure the rules of the IQA design charter (manual) will be applied properly on all the channels and documents. But my next new project will be to finally build my own website on filipwithf.ch.

February 15, 2019- posted by Andy Marmer