Our Volunteers

Aaron Carroll

Position: Human Resources Director

Hometown:  Jonesboro, USA

Non-quidditch hobby:  Suicide Prevention Volunteer

Fun Fact: I’m a huge supporter of the Arts & can often be found attending community theatre & music performances.

Sasha Ribayrol

Position: French Translator

Hometown: Paris, France

Non-quidditch hobby: Video games, tabletop RPGs, board games

Fun Fact: Worst healer ever in every multiplayer game

Thomas Berglitsch

Position: Referee Development Team Member

Hometown: Zürich, Switzerland

Non-quidditch hobby: Music, Gaming, Skiing/Snowboarding, ridiculously long calls with friends that for some reason always turn philosophical in the end

Fun Fact:  I play pipe organ (the one in churches) and yes, I actually have to go to a church in order to play

Pauline Raes

Position: Trustee and Events Director

Hometown: Oostende, Belgium

Non-quidditch hobby: Reading books, Netflix, walks on the beach and playing (board)games.

Fun Fact:  I made and executed a stageplay for charity with friends when we were 17.

Eva Baisan

Position: Copy Editor

Hometown: Tucson, USA

Non-quidditch hobby: Acroyoga, silkscreening, and anything crafty

Fun Fact: Every year when the chicatana ants come out after the first rains, I collect them off my roof and make them into a delicious salsa!

Kevin Hayes

Position:  Legal Assistant

Hometown: Long Beach, California, USA

Non-quidditch hobby: Disc golf, photography

Fun Fact: I spent my 4th birthday in the Philippines.

Camila Espinosa de los Monteros

Position:  Spanish Translator

Hometown: Monterrey, México

Non-quidditch hobby: Reading

Fun Fact: I have never played quidditch personally 🙂 (but I really enjoy volunteering with the IQA!)

Steve Cockram

Position:  Deputy Gameplay Director

Hometown: Liverpool/Manchester, England

Non-quidditch hobby: Other sports, travelling and gaming… OH AND making cocktails

Fun Fact: I was offered a contract to be a professional footballer when I was 16, turned it down and went into refereeing instead

Chris LAU Kwun Shing

Position:  Legal Assistant

Hometown: Hong Kong

Non-quidditch hobby: Travelling, watching films, playing Scrabble

Fun Fact: I have been to many small countries/territories, including Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

Elisa Scorrano

Position: Graphic Designer

Hometown: Brescia, Italy

Non-quidditch hobby: Drawing, camping, buying tons of comic book and have no time to read them

Fun Fact: During a scout camp, I camped one night in a football field near a forest full of wild boars.

Joke Daems

Position: Translation & Editorial Manager

Hometown: Ghent, Belgium

Non-quidditch hobby: Learning sign language

Fun Fact: Apparently babies don’t automatically know how to roll back once they learn how to roll over, so you end up having to save them multiple times an hour like reversed turtles with short-term memory loss.

Rahel Liviero

Position: Legal Department

Hometown: Greifensee, Switzerland

Non-quidditch hobby: Traveling, Reading, playing Theater

Fun Fact: My bookshelf is sorted by colour

Oda Helene Schiøtz

Position: European Membership Representative/Expansion Manager

Hometown: From Oslo, Norway, grew up in Vancouver BC, last lived in Munich Germany, currently traveling and not knowing where I will land.

Non-quidditch hobby: Gaming, playing MTG, drinking good coffee.

Fun Fact: By the end of this year I will have celebrated my birthday in 7 different countries.

Aldo Mastellone

Position: Marketing & Communications Director

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Non-quidditch hobby: TV Shows Serial Watcher

Fun Fact: I made it to the Guiness World Record Book http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/commercial/2015/9/coca-cola-factory-celebrates-40th-anniversary-by-making-giant-human-bottle-398262