Our Volunteers

Joke Daems

Position: Translation Manager & Dutch translator

Hometown: Ghent, Belgium

Non-quidditch hobby: Building cardboard taco trucks and trees for my cats

Fun Fact: I got to pick up an award for my PhD research during my honeymoon

Friederike Reimer

Position: Human Resources Director

Hometown: Leipzig, Germany

Non-quidditch hobby: Hiking, skiing and everything outdoor sports, classical music

Fun Fact: I once had a bear encounter interrupt my morning coffee while backcountry camping in Alaska.

Rahel Liviero

Position: Legal Department

Hometown: Greifensee, Switzerland

Non-quidditch hobby: Traveling, Reading, playing Theater

Fun Fact: My bookshelf is sorted by colour

Oda Helene Schiøtz

Position: European Membership Representative/Expansion Manager

Hometown: From Oslo, Norway, grew up in Vancouver BC, last lived in Munich Germany, currently traveling and not knowing where I will land.

Non-quidditch hobby: Gaming, playing MTG, drinking good coffee.

Fun Fact: By the end of this year I will have celebrated my birthday in 7 different countries.

Aldo Mastellone

Position: Interim Communications Director

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Non-quidditch hobby: TV Shows Serial Watcher

Fun Fact: I made it to the Guiness World Record Book http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/commercial/2015/9/coca-cola-factory-celebrates-40th-anniversary-by-making-giant-human-bottle-398262

Austin Wallace

Position: Interim Gameplay Director

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Non-quidditch hobby: Cooking and Super Smash Bros

Fun Fact: Made up a degree from scratch and called it Analytical Sports Management (combining stats/business/computer science) and the university went with it.