Meet The Trustee, Austin Wallace

After the first interview to Alberto Coronado, Trustee and Membership Director of the IQA, this week we are pleased to introduce to you Austin Wallace, Trustee and Gameplay Director.

Austin is a data scientist from Vancouver, Canada with a strong drive in machine learning, and the intersection of people and data-centric decision-making processes in sport and business. 

1) What are your plans for the future of the IQA and in what way do you plan to make your mark on the association?
My plan for the future of the IQA is to get it to a place where it can consistently thrive as an organization. Thriving means being well staffed, consistently making competent and correct decisions, and actively helping the sport grow at all levels. To do that, we have to recognize and adapt to the realities of a field with little to no compensation, high stress, and no physical human interaction, which results in burnout and turnover for even the best volunteers. I hope to help the IQA become more stable and self-sustaining, as well as hopefully the sport itself.

2) In your opinion, what will the role of the IQA be inside the community, and in what way we can help the teams and the sport of quidditch grow in the future?
The role of the IQA is to advance the sport worldwide for the benefit of its players and NGBs. I believe that we can help create resources for teams and NGBs to assist them in growing the game in their countries, and help people start up new teams and NGBs in new areas. We can also help to push the sport of quidditch forward through improving the rules, and the quality of the game that we all love.

3) What is your experience with quidditch and volunteering, and what motivated you to dedicate your time and your experience to the association?
I’ve been unreasonably passionate about quidditch for the past five seasons now. That passion has led me to play with the UBC Thunderbirds, Team Canada, and now the Vancouver Storm Crows. On the volunteering side of things, before joining the board I was leading local teams and in the past I have been the CEO of the Quidditch Post. My other current involvement in the Association is leading the Gameplay Department. 

May 21, 2019- posted by Aldo Mastellone