The former Board welcomes the newly elected Trustees

The former Board welcomes the newly elected Trustees

With the recent election of the new Board of the IQA, we wanted to help you in getting to know the new trustees and better understanding their vision of the future of our quidditch association. For this reason, starting next week we will be publishing weekly interviews for every single one of them: keep checking our channels to be sure not to miss out.

The exiting Trustees Nicholas Oughtibridge, Brian Gallaway, Christina Verdirame, and Andy Marmer, who did not seek re-election at the end of their mandates, send their best wishes for a brilliant future ahead to the newly-elected trustees and, for the occasion, share some of their best memories from the past.


The biggest highlight for me was World Cup 2016 in Frankfurt”, said Gallaway. “Going from seven teams in 2014 to 21 in 2016 was phenomenal. Just being on site and taking in the scope of the event was an amazing experience. It was nice to get a chance to meet people from all over the world in person after so many meetings over Skype. Our volunteers put on a superb event despite having so few resources to work with”.

“I’m most proud of the work I did to bring a degree of order to the governance of the IQA as third Chair of the trustees,following Alicia Radford and Chris Daw, with structure to the board meetings, published board minutes and a degree of stability”, says Oughtibridge. “In the first few months as a trustee we didn’t need a budget as we had no money and nowhere to keep money.  By the end of my term as Chair we had the first steps towards robust financial management. This was greatly improved when Vanessa Sliva joined the team”.

I joined the IQA’s board at the start of 2018 and I tried to give my contribute as an outside perspective to the organisation, questioning some of our assumptions about how or why we do things a particular way”, adds Verdirame. As a quidditch community it’s important that we get experiences from outside our existing base, and over the past year I tried to help with that, besides being involved in the incorporation process”.  


Some of the leaving Trustees have been at the heart of quidditch since its first steps and have built the IQA from the ground up, establishing the foundation for the development of the sport and its values. Their commitment and passion made it possible for events like the World Cup to become a reality, allowing players to get together and have a good time competing, training, and meeting other people from different countries and cultures and grow as individuals. Among these, one standout personality for the development of our sport and association is Andy Marmer. We take the occasion to inform you that on March 27 Andy ended his service as Interim Executive Director. Andy has been a Trustee from January 2017 up until the last elections, and has also covered the role of Interim Executive Director since July 2018, supporting the association with great passion and commitment, delivering a lot of different projects such as the new rulebook, an updated and improved referee platform, the rebranding of the IQA, and a new and more constructive dialogue with NGBs. “I’ll remember my time with the IQA fondly”, Marmer says. “I learned a lot from my time with the IQA and am incredibly appreciative of all of the dedicated volunteers I have encountered across quidditch who do not get the recognition they deserve for everything they do. I’m proud of everything we’ve done together for quidditch and for the sport”.

Luke Nichholds, Trustee and current Chair of the Board, takes a moment to acknowledge the achievement made possible thanks to Andy “On the board he always brought a thoroughness to our decision making, many a time has he explained his branching ‘decision trees’ and what he thought were all the *possible* actions, before then narrowing that down to the good ones. Making a list of the projects he was involved in on the board pretty much just ends up as a list of projects the board did – which really shows how much time and energy he gave to the IQA. Without him many of those projects would have been much less successful, such as the incorporation last year”.


March 30, 2019- posted by Aldo Mastellone