Spanish Referee Tests now available!


Credits: Axel Casas

We’re excited to be launching the Spanish translations of the referee tests along with the new referee hub testing improvements. Spanish-speaking NGBs have been requesting the tests in their native language for a while, and we’re confident this will greatly increase the number of certified referees across the globe. We’re particularly grateful for the community support that made this possible.

This is a result of the combined work of the IQA Translation Team and IT Department, who worked together on this project. 

Alexis Ewing-Moody, IQA IT Director comments on the achievement and provides more information about the work behind it: “Building a set of tools that match a third party vendor (classmarker) that has a dedicated team of engineers was no easy feat. Getting everything ready for the international referee community has taken months of work, so why did we do it? Well, one of the biggest issues referees have faced over the past year is not being able to take their tests in the first place. This has happened for a few different reasons, but mainly because of issues with credits or bugs from the classmarker integration. By cutting out this vendor we have reduced our costs and the time it will take to fix any issues that come up. We are also able to deliver translated tests faster by allowing multiple volunteers to add and adjust tests asynchronously. The previous process required multiple volunteers in three departments to coordinate a release, where now anyone on our staff with the appropriate access can address a problem or work on a test without bottlenecks. And finally, now that we have full control of our testing process we can improve it for future referees. Some highly requested improvements include longer times for referees with test taking exceptions and video based questions. This was not possible with classmarker and we are excited to continue to innovate for a vital piece of the sport in the near future”. 

If you are interested in joining our IT Department or Translation Team to be part of a project like this, we are always looking for motivated new volunteers! Fill out this form to have someone reach out to you.


October 27, 2019- posted by Aldo Mastellone