Mission and Values

Quidditch Values

  • Inclusivity

Quidditch is a sport that welcomes, celebrates and actively encourages participation by diverse people. As a community we want our sport to be inclusive of people of different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, ages, languages, genders, sexual orientations. A key demonstration of this is the Gender Rule in quidditch, whereby players are able to play as the gender that they identify as including non-binary genders. Like all communities we have ways that we could improve our inclusivity and this is something we are actively working on. 

  • Integrity

Integrity is about being honest and holding yourself to high moral principals. Both on and off the field, quidditch players strive to be people of integrity and encourage similar in others.

  • Accessibility

Quidditch is a unique sport for many reasons and this has encouraged people not usually inclined to sport to pick it up and become more physically active.  As well as encouraging more people to be active, we want to be a sport that as many people as possible can play by being accessible to people with differing abilities to play. Adaptions of quidditch such as Wheelchair Quidditch seek to address some of those barriers by adapting the sport for differing physical abilities.

Organizational Values

  • Openness

As the International Quidditch Association we want to be open with a community. This means clearly communicating with our members NGBs and the broader community of players, volunteers and supporters. We also want to be an open, welcoming organization that people feel able to engage with, work with or volunteer with.

  • Empowering

As the International Quidditch Association we believe our role is to support and empower people within our community to do the best they can. We want to encourage our volunteers and give them the skills and help they need to do the best that they can. We want to work with NGBs, teams and players around the world to do the best we all can to take our sport to the next level.

The IQA’s Mission

To lead and promote the sport of quidditch by holding international sporting events, supporting other quidditch groups, and by sharing quidditch and our values of  gender equity and inclusivity with a broader audience.