Introducing the Community Forum

The IQA is happy to announce the open beta for a new platform to bring the quidditch community together online. In partnership with Forem Inc, the creators of the open source Forem platform, we have launched The Community Forum is meant for players, coaches, volunteers, fans, referees, and analysts from around the world to share experiences, best practices and connect with others. Some of the things you can do include creating posts, follow and listen to podcasts, follow your favorite topics and organizations, comment on discussions, chat with mutual followers, and so much more. 

After the closure of the Facebook Group “IQA: All The Regions”, not run by the IQA, we wanted to offer the community an online platform where constructive and positive discussions could happen. We chose Forem for three reasons:

  1. Forem’s values as a platform and a company are closely aligned with our values;
  2. Forem is open source and so we have the opportunity to positively impact the platform;
  3. Forem’s features are unique in that it fits the needs of both content creators and content consumers at every skill level.

We will put our best in making this platform better for everyone by working with an independent oversight team in the future. The details of a group like that are in the early stages of development, but expect more discussion to take place on the community itself in the near future. All IQA policies will apply on the community as well as the site code of conduct, to ensure that the community feels safe and welcoming for everyone. 

During this beta period we would like to hear from the quidditch community about what does and does not work through this form. Also, If you’re interested in getting involved as a topic  moderator please fill out this form

We’re excited to share this platform with you and we can’t wait to see how the community grows.

March 13, 2021- posted by Declan